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Here's a chance for you to contribute.

On this page, We'll  share some of the comments We've received in our Guestbook and via e-mail. In some cases, We may also respond to the comments. Please get in touch!

3/4Hey there guys!
If you don't remember me, my name is Nikki.  I was working for a promotional
advertising company named Leatherstocking Workshop, but as I had mentioned to
Mike at a show at Myron's, I am back at the Daily Sentinel.....aaaahhh, nice
to be home again.
Anyway, I just took a peek at your web site, I am so glad its up and running,
are you working on it yourselves or do you have a designer? Anyway its great
and I'm sure it will gain info as time goes on.  I haven't seen a show in a
long while and I need to get a fix of your live music, I'm listening to you
now.  One of my favorite songs are "Yesterday Isn't", and "Everything".
Though it is so hard to choose just two. Anyway I could go on and on, but I
do have to say to you...All the pictures were excellent, I am especially fond
of the close up of Mike by the microphone, Geeez, were you always that
dramatically gorgeous???? hahahahha.  I am sending your website to some
friends, some who have never heard you before, I am also lending out my
"Glisten" CD, (Only in demand I get it back in 2 days). Is there anyway you
can put a sound track on your website>? or is there one and I missed it.  
Keep up the GREAT work and hope to see you guys play again live........
Thanks for playing great music.... Success to you!!
-A Fan-
Hey Guys!
Ya know, I was sitting on my couch late last night and chatting on the
phone, and I heard a familiar song, I look over and it was a Myron's
commercial playing my favorite song "everything" I screamed to the girl
I was talking to and she was laughing so hard, I just couldn't believe
it. It couldn't have been a better song, I was so happy. Also I came in
to work this morning, dragging, and a girl I work with, who asked me a
few weeks ago "who is that Gorgeous guy on your desktop wallpaper?", and
got an earful about you guys also told me she saw the commercial. We
have been talking all morning about it, she will be borrowing my Glisten
CD this weekend.....
Just wanted to let you know....
Word spreads fast!
Can't wait to see another show!
-A Fan- 
Thanks for the great email!!!!

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