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Michael Vincent has been playing guitar since age 14 and singing since he was
12.  Discovered in a church choir he was urged to try out for a musical at a
local community theater, from there he slowly moved into leading roles like
Steven in Godspell, and Albert in Bye Bye Birdie.  After graduating from Rome
Free Academy in 1997, Michael went to Johns Hopkins University for 4
semesters before deciding to drop out and pursue music.  Since 1998 he has
performed live over 300 times, mostly with the Mike Vincent Project, pleasing
crowds that vary from local bars and colleges to quieter coffeehouses.  He
has written about 25 original songs, 18 of which appear on the bands November
2001 release, Glisten.  When asked if he regrets not staying in college
and pursuing a more financially stable lifestyle he replies, Not even for a
second.  The people you meet in this business are the most interesting and
passionate people around, and sharing music with them allows me to open up my
heart in ways that the business world can never understand.


Robert Hedges

Robert Hedges has been drumming all of his life.  It started with his
first drumset at the age of 4 followed a couple years later by a snare
drum.  "I can't imagine what my parents were thinking when they bought
a 6 year old a snare drum."  
Throughout grade school he played piano and in fifth grade he had to
make the choice between playing drums and saxophone.  Maybe it was
their memories of snare drum solos that made his parent help him
decide to play saxophone.  "This is when I really started getting
serious about music.  My brother is a 11 years older than I am, but he
never treated me like a little kid.  He was a professional jazz
trombonist and a drummer on the side.    He really taught me how to
listen to music, to pick out each instrument, and focus on what each
individual musician was doing.  This was when fusion jazz was really
big; the fusion guys were all about complicated rhythms and playing really
tight. My record collection was all over the map including some really
corny things like Yakety Sax and the Pink Panther Sound-track to Led
Zeppelin, Rush and Mahavishnu Orchestra."
It was during high school that Robert returned to his first instrument,
the drums.  Since then he has played in a number of bands, some smaller than
others, some better than others; the first band was two guys in a
basement playing really loud.
Several years later, as a graduate student, "I took a chance and joined
the Arizona State University African Drum ensemble and it changed my life
life."  For four years he studied traditional West African Djembe and Sabar
drumming including two trips to Senegal.  


"When I started playing with Mike, I played only African
drums.  Now that we are playing with a bigger sound, I'm playing
drumset but I know that the African influence is still there
underneath everything."

Gary Hilterbrandt II's intersest in music started at an early age.  His
father was a lover of an ecletic mix of musical styles, that ranged from
the jazz-rock grooves of Steely Dan to the hammering rock guitar for Led
Zeppelin.  Between late night listenings of his fathers Lp collection, and
an interest in rock music triva, Gary decided that he should take up an
insturment.  When he is asked why he was drawn to the bass guitar Gary
replied, "The bass has a mystical connection to my soul.

Greg Shih Bio comming soon.......