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The Mike Vincent Project is a progressive acoustic rock trio which hails from Rome, NY, home of Woodstock '99. The band was formed in late '00 at a small club called "the fireside lounge". At, first Mike preformed his unique original tunes solo, but soon befriended drummer Robert Hedges, who brought a eclectic mix of African influenced rock beats into the mix. Soon after, meeting Mike and Robert at an open mike night. Bassist Gary was awed so much by their powerful performance that he decided to join up and thicken the groups "driven" acoustic sound.


We regret to announce that founding member of Pine Bonkin' and MVP, Robert Hedges, will be leaving the band to further pursue his career in Digital Signal Processing. His wonderful style of African and rock rhythms will be missed and was a key element to what formed the MVP sound.

We will all miss you Robert, good luck.


Pictured after a slight pause in Masterview Studios, The Mike Vincent Project is stasfied with a rigerous two days of nine hour recording sessions. 

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